The Following Meals are examples of our daily specials, what we have in our freezer and what can be ordered in advance. Please allow 48 hours for any special orders. We may implement a minimum quantity of 4/ order.
Sweet potato coconut curried stew Quiche with seasonal vegetables (vegan and vegetarian options available)
Bean and Tofu Chili (corn, tofu, beans) served with brown rice. Tofu Teriyaki – served with brown rice, broccoli, roasted peppers.
Mac and “Cheese” (sweet potato, caramelized onion and kale) Gado Gado Bowl (roasted sweet potatoes, teriyaki tofu, sprouts, green beans)

-vegetarian version: with hardboiled egg (+1$)

Red Thai curry ( tofu, zucchini, mushrooms, sweet potato) comes with: brown rice topped with red peppers and green vegetable (snow peas or green bean)

**vegetables vary according to season

Chickpea and root vegetable Moroccan Tajine (carrots, turnip, sweetpotato, white potato, olives, artichokes). Served with our millet and quinoa mix and garnished with fresh herbs.
Indian Curry (cauliflower, tufu, eggplant) with brown rice.

**vegetables vary according to season

“Satay” skewers (made with tofu) and a peanut sauce
Stuffed Peppers- quinoa, sun-dried tomatoes, lentils Vegan Meat balls and zucchini noodles served with tomato sauce
Sage Tofu Stew (tofu,root veggies, rosemary,sage) Eggplant “Parmasean” (Tempeh tomato sauce,vegan cheese)
Shephard’s Pie (lentil and tempeh base, corn, sweet potato mash) Teriyaki Skewers (brussel sprouts, onion, pineapple, tufu,)
Lentil Loaf with homemade tomato ketchup Kung Pao Tofu (green beans, carrot, red pepper, snow peas in Szechuan sauce)


Soups: all vegan, gluten free, come in a variety of sizes and freeze well.
roasted tomato and red pepper soup potato dill
indian dahl fennel, apple, carrot and parnsip
minestrone butternut squash and apple
mellow lentil potato leek
sweet potato, vegetables and red lentil split pea
black bean Morrocan soup mushroom and wild rice
carrot and ginger broccoli, fennel
thai corn coconut minty green pea
sweet potato chickpea miso soup
white bean rosemary fennel and tomato